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When Tim Smith opened a restaurant downtown, he didn’t count on the spot coming with a side of paranormal.
But the owner of PH Bistro on South Main Street reluctantly admits he and his staff are being haunted by unexplainable pranks and uneasy feelings.
“A lot of us have felt a presence,” Smith said. “There’s something.”
A Middletown-based paranormal group says they’ve caught proof that the 19th century building has a spook, and he’s a joker.
In two nighttime visits, the Miami Valley Paranormal Society caught on film what they say is a clown-faced ghost in the basement and attic.
The group’s founders Shawna Newcomb and Bryan Farmer say they think the specter is the ghost of the owner of the former Kinney’s restaurant, which enjoyed years of popularity until closing in 1996.
“He was a prankster,” said Farmer, who worked at Kinney’s for a short stint as a teen.
Bill Kinney Sr. was known for antics, such as the fake spider that still hangs above a back door. Other decorations still hang on the walls, alongside original murals and stained-glass windows.
Newcomb said they also recorded audio tape of a ghost of a woman in the restroom that is known to sneeze from the other stall.
“This is by far the most activity we’ve been in,” Newcomb said.
“You can feel it as soon as you walk in the door,” said head waitress Terri Lawson.
Lawson said she hears the sneezing in the bathroom, feels an uneasiness in the basement and often finds coins she says Bill Kinney leaves in spots that need a good cleaning.
“We’re finding change all the time,” said Smith, trailing off with the thought. “I know people drop it. But it … it just seems a little odd to me.”
“I feel like there’s always someone behind me,” said Smith, seated near the large fireplace where the paranormal group says they caught evidence of an apparition.
“Several times I’ve heard footsteps,” he said, adding the sounds often wake him. “This building’s very old, so it could be settling still.”
The ghostly guests might just make PH Bistro the most haunted spot in Franklin, the group says. And they’re even drawing attention from paranormal groups across the country, including one in Los Angeles.
“I think it’s wonderful, as long as it’s not trouble,” Smith said.
And with the success he’s seen so far, Smith figures his phantom is a lucky charm for the restaurant.
“It’s done really well,” he said. “So if the ghost is here, I think he’s on my side.”



First Day Of 7th Month

Alex was a very ordinary child and was also one of the non-believers in spirits until he was 11. During one of his usual route to his school, with his mother walking beside him carrying his bag, an old woman jumped from the top of the building they were walking past and landed flat on the ground just few meters away from him. At the age of 11, the young Alex was extremely shocked with the scene he witnessed. After that incident, it affects and changes Alex a lot a lot…
Alex became very quiet and scare of darkness. He sleeps with room lights on. He needs company to the school toilet. He behaves strangely after that incident. Later his mother discovered, Alex has a strange ability, he can sometimes. See, feel or hear the spirits. Alex mother was told by a deity that his ‘frequency’ has crossed path with the unseen. It cannot be fixed. The only way to stay unharmed is to contribute deeds. With merits, he would be saved.
Many years later, a now working Alex went to consult a well known palm reading master. All other advises were normal, except this particular special reminder for Alex. The master says: “Young man, you’re not an ordinary people. You’ve a very special ability with the unseen. That’s no good for you. I can’t help you much on that but I’ve a golden word for you. I hope this golden word will help you to remember me when you’re in trouble one day.” The master continued:” Remember, there’ll be a life threatening moment (jie) at your age of 34, to safely go through the (jie) is to contribute more goodwill merits. But, your (jie) is one that also from your goodwill merit.”
Alex asked:” Master, you mean I do something good and the good thing would eventually turned bad in me?” The master reply:” Yes, but you can’t stop doing good, you need to just continue doing it even if it would turned out bad for some reasons. Don’t worry, the heaven will look after the good one.”
Because of his nature, very quiet and a bit of isolation behavior, Alex never stays long in a company. Eventually, he chooses to drive taxi as his career.
Alex don’t usually see the spirits. His feeling sense is stronger. But he still chooses not to stay up too late at night especially during the lunar 7th month. But tonight, because the sky was pouring heavily and there were many passengers out there waiting to go home. Alex hopes he can send them all home safely to be with their family earlier. He is always put people before self. So busy that he carelessly overlooked that it is the first day of lunar 7th month. He noticed it only after he saw people praying near the business back alley. By then, it was already a bit too late for him because he is 34 this year.
By the time Alex reaches his home carpark, it was already past midnight and the sky was still pouring heavily. Alex decided to wait for the rain to slow down a bit before he goes down from his cab. So he stopped his cab under a shelter not mean for parking to cut out the rain dropping noise on the cab roof. Now in a quieter cabin, Alex tuned to his favourite classic channel 90.5FM and lowered down his driver’s seat slowly to catch a quick nap while waiting for the rain to stop.
Suddenly, Alex woke up with a shock to find a young chinese lady seating behind the driver’s seat. The lady asked:” ?????????????” Alex quickly adjusting back up his driver’s seat and said :” ??????????????? ?? ???????.”
Along the journey, Alex tried to take a glimpse of the lady from his rear mirror. But no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t catch her face because the lady was seating right behind the driver’s seat and the headrest of the driver’s seat actually blocked out the passenger face. All Alex could see is the lady keeps using her left hand to brush forward her hair. It was like using the hair on top to patch or cover her forehead. Beside this, she got another request. She said she don’t understand English so she would like to have a Chinese radio station be played.
Halfway through the journey, the lady was like talking to someone through her mobile. Her conversation was like – Johnny, ??????????????? ???????????????????? She was saying the above with sobbing voices. Alex pass her a packet of tissue paper from the front. The lady then said:” ???????????????????” Alex jokingly said:” ?? ????????????????????????????!” After this sentence, Alex was woken up by a knocking sound on his car window. – knot knot knot, Alex ah, why are you sleeping in the carpark? Oh, it was Alex’s mother going for her morning exercise. “oh, I thought I just want to take a short nap, what? Its already 5am??!!” replied Alex.
Alex quickly jumped up from his seat and get prepare for his routine cleaning for his next driver. He thought to himself – woo, the dream was very real, maybe I was too tired. Suddenly, just before Alex was to turn himself out from his driver’s seat, he noticed something, he turned back and look at the radio, CHINESE RADIO STATION? Alex don’t listen to Chinese program because his Chinese Is very poor. He was stunt! His movement became slower, his hands were moving without his brain controlling. He clear the floor matt, the matt were all dry. That means no one came into the cab. He starts cleaning the car seat,he found hairs on the seat right behind the driver’s. He took up the hairs by his fingers and examine the hairs, the color of the dyed hairs he is holding was exactly the same as the lady in his dream. DREAM?? Was it a dream at all?
After that first day of 7th month morning, his luck and health all started going down hill. He spent lesser hour on the road. He lost his diet even to his favorite food. And he starts losing alot of weight. Sometimes, he even talks to himself at home.
One day, while driving his taxi, he picked up a middle age Thai woman. The woman asked to stop the taxi just less than a few meters after the she got in from the rear door. She shouted:” Uncle, Stop! Stop!” Alex was puzzled but still stopped safely at the side of the road for her. The woman than got down from the rear and went back in to the taxi by the front. The woman than look at Alex with two big eyes and said:” Do you know your taxi is very dirty?” Alex was like “What?” Paused awhile and looked back at her and said:” Madam, I clean my taxi everyday you know!” The woman explained:” I don’t mean that dirty, I can sensed corpse smell and that I guess your taxi has a spirit.” Alex was stunt by her straight to the point remarks. He recalled the dream he had few morning ago. He thought to himself, this is not going to be a joke.
The woman passed a name card to Alex and tells him this before she got down. “Look, this is a name card of a Thai religion master, he is now in Singapore, he is very good with this type of spiritual issues, go and visit him immediately, he maybe able to help you. By looking at your face, I don’t think you can go through this 7th month if you just sit here and do nothing. Remember, tell him, Ah Nie is my name, I smell corpse in your taxi, he would know what to do.”
Without further delay, Alex went straight down to the Thai master’s office located in Golden landmark just after he dropped the woman. The Thai master, a very old man received a very panicked young Alex unexpectedly in his office. After hearing from Alex, The old master said this slowly :” I can sense that she possessed very strong resentment, can you tell me what is your relationship with her?” Alex replied shockingly:” No, I don’t know her, we’re not related.” The old master said this slowly and patiently:” Yes, you’ve seen her. Can you recall where and in what circumstances you met her?” Alex paused awhile and than said:” Could it be the accident I met many years ago?” He continue:” Many years ago, it was on the first day of 7th month, the floor was wet after the rain, I saw a motorbike skidded just right in front of my taxi. To avoid hitting the bike, my cab also resulted in hitting against the side wall of the expressway. The rider was a man in his mid 30’s and a lady pillion. I didn’t really catch the look of the lady pillion because her face was covered with blood all over. Because she was wearing a short skirt at the time of accident and was laying on the road unconscious, I actually rushed down from my cab to cover her leg with my jacket.The next thing I know from the medic later was, she is dead. I read from papers later that she was from China and the rider is a married man.”
The old man sigh and than continue:” You’re now at the lowest point of your luck, so she is one level above you. She must have felt betrayed by the rider and lonely. We must not agitate her further, you must now look for a master that can help you to perform a ritual for her, hopefully she can be repent and let you go.For the time being, you keep this amulet with you, I hope this amulet would protect you.”
Master? Alex recalled the palm reading master he visited many years ago. He remember him saying that if he is in trouble, go back to look for him. So Alex went back to the palm reading master. The palm reader master than gave Alex a name card of a Chinese temple. He said:” Go to this temple, they maybe able tosave you.”
When Alex called us the next day, it was not on a Friday. So Alex was told to wait for our session which is only every Friday. So on Friday afternoon, Alex called again, this time, he asked for a Q number for that night. But that night, Alex did not managed to turn out for the session. We thought it was just anotherordinary absentee, little did we know, he could be never make it to our temple if not of the ordinary Q number.
Alex crashed his taxi on the way to our temple and was admitted to the hospital. He was critically injured, in a state of coma and is placed in ICU. His mother got his personal belonging back from the staff in the hospital the next day. She found 2 religious name cards, one is the Thai master, the other one is our temple. She also noticed a Q number written on a piece of paper attached to our name card. Alex’s mother called our temple to inform us of Alex mishap and at the same time to check what was Alex trying to consult. In view of his already intended to visit our temple and is now suddenly in a state of coma, His mother was asked to visit our temple for an immediate session on that very evening. All the temple helpers were mobilized that day to attend the session that night.
That evening, dua ya pek came. After checking with Alex’s mother of the whole event, Ah Pek puts his fingers to work on the abacus. He than have this to say:” Alex’s soul is in possession by a lady spirit, she is very very resentful.” Alex’s sobbing mother puts her kneels on the ground and begs Ah Pek to save her child. We were told that due to Alex’s nature that he could sense the unseen, he believes the underworld and the wondering spirits within us, so Alex spent most of his earning in offering these spirits in the temple or places that he could feel strong negative wave (ying qi). His mother kept stressing that Alex should not be taken away this way as he is always very helpful and is a very humble and kind hearted man. She even walked on her kneels out to our temple to ask mercy from the heaven. The power of a mother’s love.
Instead of going after the lady spirit with a hard approach, Ah Pek decided to take her by what she actually wanted, She wants her ex-lover, so we were instructed to get her ex-lover details. From where? From the police because Alex were involved in an accident together with her and Johnny, so there should be arecord of him in the police report.
We got contact with the accident investigator officer (IO). Surprisingly, after we identified our intention, we didn’t need much explanation to obtain the details of that accident because the IO himself and some colleagues in the department were also experienced with some unexplained encounters during the course ofinvestigation of the case. (that’s another story) And before we leave, the IO even reminded us to update him with the outcome.
Anyway, we were told by the IO that Johnny was survived in the accident but his affair with the China girl was exposed after the accident. His wife asked for divorce, he lost custody of his children, failing business and together with many other financial matters all came one after another. In the end, Johnny is nowliving in a mental hospital.
As far as a Taoism formation is concerned, Its never easy to beat us because we have hundred of deities and thousand of unseen armies ready for this type of war against the evil anytime. She was just alone. It would just the matter of time to win the battle.
Alex was recovering slowly after a few months. He came to our temple during our big day which was held in a tentage in a big field. He came to thanks Ah Pek for saving him and also to tell Ah Pek that he could still dreams of the lady spirit once awhile. Although he was repeatedly given assurance by Ah Pek that he would not be harmed, but Alex was still finding it very disturbing. So, Ah Pek suggested to him to get an ‘army’ into his body. Once if the ‘army’ is permanently inside his body, the spirit would not dare to come near him again. Without hesitation, Alex agreed. We then used an ‘army’ skewer to poke through his left arm. This is to symbolize that the ‘army’ has taken charged of the body. Any unauthorized intruder will be prosecutor. (for this part, I think only those that have Taoist’s temple related experience would know what I mean).
Well, coincidently, our event that night was performing ritual for the ancestors and feast for the wondering spirits within the estate. So, when the skewer was removed from his arm, you know what, Alex grab my arm with his 2 hands and said this:” God, I see many spirits standing outside the tentage waiting to come in for the feast.” I’m serious, this is what I heard from him. His ‘yin qi’ is even stronger and he can see spirits very clearly after that night. He can see all the spirits near him but not the lady spirit anymore.

NPCC Camp Walk

My NPCC friend told me this story. The NPCC had their camp before us, and during one of the nights, they had a night walk. There are many stations in the night walk, and they screened a horror movie before dispatching their juniors to the first station of the night walk. During the course of the night walk, the seniors realized that the juniors are beginning to go in teams to each of the stations. (you’re supposed to go one by one). Others skipped stations that they thought was scary..
So the seniors went out of the place they were stationed in, and gathered the other seniors to discuss how to punish the juniors (they did not instruct the juniors to gather). When they finally decided, they split up and went about to ask every juniors to gather at the canteen. This particular senior found a junior crying and shivering.. he accompanied him back to the canteen, and gave him hot milo to calm him down. He then asked him why he cried, his reply was “when I entered, I heard the toilet bowl being flushed repeatedly. I thought it was the seniors playing with me so I opened the toilet door but I found no-one inside. Then, the tap water started flowing.” The toilet he was in is the female toilet behind the hall.

Paranormal During Pregnancy

Story by Brad and Sherry Steiger
Psychologists have only begun to explore the many subtle, unconscious links that exist between the expectant mother and the child that she nurtures within her womb. A growing number of medical researchers are coming to accept a mother’s claims of sensing her baby in utero as far more than a romantic hypothesis.
Dr. Marshall Klaus believes that during the final months of pregnancy, a mother naturally works to bond with her unborn child. She sings and talks aloud to the child within her womb because she knows that the child hears and responds with synchronous body movements.
Dr. Klaus suggests that the bond between mother and child is established in strange, mysterious, and unfathomable ways. Anyone else around literally gets caught in the magnetic fields of attraction weaving back and forth. The self has divided and reunites with the self. The hologram part starts immediately moving into and reflecting the whole.
Further describing the mystical process of mother-child bonding, Dr. Klaus says that it is as if the mother posesses a kind of “magical glue” that is designed to seal the new infant right into her.
But what mysterious process assumes control of the pregnancy when the mother is placed in a coma due to an accident?
Births with Mother in a Coma
Twenty-four-year-old Barbara Blodgett of Yakima, Washington, was three months pregnant when she was injured in a car accident on June 30, 1988. Although she was in a coma for five months, Barbara gave birth to Simon, a healthy baby boy, on December 9. The day after her son was born, she began emerging from the coma.
Doctors were uncertain why Barbara was able to regain consciousness, but they speculated that hormonal changes after the birth might have been responsible. While her complete recovery from the brain stem injuries suffered during the accident continued to handicap her to some degree, Barbara Blodgett spelled a message for readers of USA Today on February 14, 1989, when she pointed out the letters for the words “Never give up.”
In January 1998, even though she had been in a coma for seven months, 21-year-old Ledy Minguzzi gave birth to a healthy baby girl at Lugo Hospital in Rome, Italy.
Ledy had suffered a brain hemorrhage when she was one month pregnant, and to prepare her for the delivery of her baby, neurosurgeons performed a complex surgery that brought her into a state called “vigilant coma.” In this level of consciousness, Ledy remained paralyzed but could communicate with the doctors by blinking her eyes.
After the caesarean birth, Dr. Marco Mattucci placed the five-pound, four-ounce baby girl on Ledy’s breast. According to the doctor, a single tear of joy ran down Ledy’s cheek. In Dr. Mattuci’s opinion, this was a certain sign that Ledy understood what had happened. The Vatican’s newspaper Osservatore Romano said that the surgery conducted by Dr. Mattucci and his staff was “a masterpiece of life.”
Withdraw Life Support?
On April 24, 1999, a pregnant Maria Lopez entered a coma after complaining of headaches and nausea. Although at first the doctors at the University of California Medical Center assessed the symptoms as a result of the pregnancy, upon closer examination of their patient they discovered that Maria had been born with arteriovenous malformation, a condition in which blood vessels in the brain are malformed or tangled.
Medical personnel sought to treat Maria Lopez’s condition by a process called embolization, during which the blood flow to the brain is lessened. In spite of their concerted efforts, however, Maria remained in a coma.
After three weeks had passed with no signs of improvement, doctors at the UC medical center advised Lopez’s family that they should consider withdrawing life support. Sadly, the decision was made to do as the doctors recommended for the sake of their comatose Maria. A priest was summoned to give her last rites.
Then, just as the priest was concluding the service, Maria Lopez coughed.
The attending physicians, not wishing to appear without compassion, nevertheless told the family gathered around Maria’s bed for the last rites that her cough was only a kind of reflex.
However, the Lopez family saw the movement from their beloved Maria as a sign from God. Sylvia Hernandez, Maria’s sister, said that it was a sign that Maria was not ready to die, that she wanted the family to give her more time to come around.
A few days later, Dr. John Frazee, a vascular neurosurgeon at the UC Medical Center, was astonished when Maria awoke from her coma and responded to his commands. Dr. Frazee commented that whether or not Maria’s cough had been a sign from God, it had saved her life, because it had convinced the Lopez family to keep her on life support.
Several days after Maria had communicated with Dr. Frazee, she slipped back into a coma. Once again, her family did not give up on her.
And it was a good thing that the Lopez family had a strong faith in God and in the eventuality of their daughter’s recovery. Maria awakened again, this time for good, and six days later give birth to healthy twins.
While doctors at the Medical Center said that they could offer no explanation for Maria Lopez’s recovery, Dr. Scott Strum commented that numerous studies in medical literature gave credence to the idea that a nurturing, loving, and supportive family is a great factor in the recovery process.
Awakening to a Baby
On January 14, 2001, Shannon Kranz­berg delivered her daughter Megan while in a coma incurred following a November 16, 2000, car crash in Dallas, Texas. Then, amazingly, a week later Mrs. Kranzberg awakened from the coma to find that she had given birth to a daughter.
“I just woke up, and the baby was there,” Shannon told The Dallas Morning News. According to attending physicians, Megan’s birth was two months premature, evidently triggered by the staph infection that Shannon Kranzberg had contracted while in the hospital.
Michael Kranzberg had accepted the grim possibility that his daughter would never be born and that his wife would never regain consciousness. When Shannon and Megan were released on March 15, Michael informed the media that Shannon was his hero, and he offered their miracle as a testimony to anyone who might find themselves in their situation that they must always keep faith.
In Coma Throughout
On July 23, 2001, 24-year-old Chastity Cooper of Warsaw, Kentucky, gave birth to her daughter Alexis after having been in a coma since two weeks after conception. As far as is known, this was the first time that a woman was in a coma throughout the entire term of her pregnancy. Alexis Michelle Cooper weighed a healthy seven pounds, seven ounces.
Chastity, who had previously given birth to two boys, ages four and three, suffered a severe head injury in an automobile accident on the rainy night of November 25, 2000. She had dropped off the boys at her sister’s and was driving on U.S. 42 to meet her husband at a family gathering when her car slid into the path of another. Routine medical tests performed during Chastity’s emergency treatment at University Hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio, indicated that she was pregnant. Since it was only two weeks after conception, even her husband Steve hadn’t known that they were about to become parents again.
Dr. Michael Hnat, an obstetrician who specializes in high-risk pregnancies, said that the pregnancy did not appear to complicate Chastity Cooper’s condition. Doctors had been alert to such potential problems as blood clots, and they had induced labor about a week prematurely to better manage the birth and the comatose patient’s welfare.
Steve Cooper told the Cincinnati Enquirer that little Alexis, their newborn daughter, was precious. He said that Chastity and he had wanted a daughter for a long time. Cooper also said that although his wife was not able to move or to talk, he was certain that she was aware of Alexis’s birth. He said that he had placed the baby on Chastity’s side and she had smiled and established eye contact with her daughter. Cooper was convinced that a bond had been established between mother and baby.
Sight Regained
An astonishing report in the November 14, 2002, issue of the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten told of a woman who regained her sight through the miracle of childbirth.
Twenty-nine-year-old Mona Ramdal was born with toxoplasmosis, an infection which can cause eye or brain damage in infants. Because of the infection, Mona’s right eye had always been afflicted with limited vision, and when she turned 13, her left eye also began to fail. Eventually, Mona was left with only 15 percent vision remaining in her left eye and scarcely any in her right eye.
But when she became pregnant, a most wonderful series of miracles appeared to be set in order. The sight in Mona’s left eye began to return. By the time her daughter Anne-Marthe was born in 2001, Mona could see. Within a few months after Anne-Marthe’s birth, Mona applied for a driver’s license and passed the tests on her first attempt.
Dr. Per Hvamstad, who has treated Mona Ramdal since the late 1970s when she was a little girl, said that he had never read or heard of a similar case of loss of eyesight restored through pregnancy. Since the retina is by medical definition a part of the brain, Dr. Hvamstad explained, once it is destroyed, it is gone forever. That is why, in his opinion, the restoration of vision in someone such as Mona Ramdal, who was terribly visually impaired, must be considered a miracle.
An NDE During Birth
Esther Gordon told us that when complications developed during the birth of her son, she lay for a time on the delivery table, officially diagnosed as dead.
Problems arose shortly after she had been admitted to a North Dakota hospital on July 22, 1985, and unfortunately suffered a day and night of excruciating labor pains.
“The pain was so terrible that I lost conscious­ness several times,” Esther related. “And I think the pain was made even worse by the fact that my husband Scott had just left for New York on a business trip. We thought that we had plenty of time for him to make a four-day trip and return home in time for the baby to come, but we had certainly been wrong. This was in the day before everyone carried cell phones with them wherever they went, and our neighbor, Pauline, said she would keep trying to leave messages and get hold of Scott. My parents and sister, as well as Scott’s family, lived in Seattle, and my mother was making arrangements to fly out to be with me.
“When it came time for me to deliver, I was in a state of shock. I had lost touch with reality and had become unconscious.”
Then, according to Esther, she was floating through space in the most beautiful place she had ever seen. She remembered feeling free and thinking what a won­derful sensation she was experiencing.
Esther recalled drifting down a long, dark tunnel that seemed to stretch ahead of her for miles and miles. Finally, she reached its end.
“There, at the end of the tunnel, I saw a baby boy, also floating in space,” Esther said. “I knew the baby was my unborn son, and I tried to reach out for him. That was when I heard or felt him say inside my consciousness, ‘Mommy, you have to go back so that I can be born!’”
Esther said that she continued attempting to touch him, to hold him.
“Your daddy and I want to name you Holden, after daddy’s grandfather,” she said. “Please, Holden, come to me. Come to your mommy.”
Later, when she was asked about her impression of the long tunnel and the effect that the sight of the baby had upon her, Esther replied that she believed that she was somewhere in the heavens and that she was dead.
“I felt absolutely and completely comfortable in that state of being,” Esther said. “I think I probably felt very much like the astronauts feel when they are floating in space, but I felt terribly sad that my baby would not be born. I thought that maybe Holden and I could still be together in the afterlife, even though he had never been able to live on Earth.”
Then, as Esther floated in space before the form of her son, the child somehow spoke again to her spirit being: “Mommy, I am going now to be born. They are taking me out of your body even though you are here with me. Please, please, come back and be my mommy. I love you. I need you. Don’t let me be born without you!”
And then the baby seemed to be propelled through space, moving away from her at a great rate of movement.
“When I looked around to see where my son had gone, it seemed as though I could see his little body zooming down to Earth far, far below me,” Esther said. “And then I could see the hospital as if I were watching some kind of movie. Next I could see right into the delivery room, and I saw the doctor and nurses working on me.”
Her doctor later told her that she had stopped breathing, and anxious medical attendants could find no heartbeat. Clinically, Esther was dead; but her doctor worked feverishly to reverse the cruel verdict. Desperately he and his staff tried every procedure they knew to bring the de­ceased woman back to life. They had just deliv­ered a healthy baby son. It would be a tragedy if they were to lose the mother.
“My doctor told me that they had fought for nearly 13 minutes to save my life,” Esther said, “but all I remember is floating into eternity—and then suddenly exerting a great effort of will. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to come back to Earth and be Holden’s mother. I wanted to see him as a baby, as a child, as a teenager, as a grown man. I knew that I had the strength of spirit to return to my body, but I knew that I could only come back if I willed it to be so.
“When I was finally able to float out of the dark tunnel, I was in an open area with blue skies and white clouds, and everything around me was beautiful beyond description,” Esther said. “When I regained com­plete consciousness, I was in an oxygen tent, and the nurse told me that I had given birth to a fine baby son.”
Both mother and child remained for several days in the hospital, thus allowing Esther ample time to recover from the tremendous strain under which her system had been placed. It was during this time that she was informed by her physician of her technical death.
Esther Gordon stated that she considered her near-death experience to have been a “wonderful” occurrence. “I am grateful that I was given an opportunity to get a good look at the next life, but I thank God for sparing me and for letting me come back so that I could take care of my son.”
A Remarkable Coincidence
We’ll end these accounts of paranormal pregnancies with a most remarkable “coincidence”:
On November 15, 2002, 36-year-old twins Amanda and Meagen Baldwin each gave birth to a son. While this in itself is unique, it becomes even more bizarre when one considers that Amanda lives in Sydney, Australia, and Meagen resides in Belgium—approximately 12,000 miles apart. And when one learns that Amanda’s son Truman was scheduled to be born on November 4, while Meagen’s son Benjamin was penciled in on the calendar to be born in early December, the births of the two cousins on the very same day becomes downright eerie.
The chain of coincidences forged its first link when the twin sisters learned in late February that they were pregnant. Via emails and telephone calls, they joked about what a bizarre occurrence it would be if they happened to give birth on the same day. However, such a remarkable coincidence seemed unlikely when their pediatricians predicted due dates that would be about a month apart.
Amanda had to be induced when she was about 11 days overdue, and after a 13-hour labor, she gave birth to Truman at 1:06 a.m. on Friday, November 15. Shortly after it was certain that she had given birth without any further complications, her husband sent Meagen an email informing her of the birth of her nephew.
And that’s when things really got strange. As soon as Meagen in Belgium learned that Amanda in Australia had given birth, she began to feel nauseated. When she went to her doctor for a pre-natal examination later that morning, Meagen was told that her baby could come at any time. That afternoon her water broke, and she went to the hospital where, at 2:40 a.m. on Friday, she gave birth to Benjamin, nearly a month before his due date.
When Meagen’s husband called to tell Amanda and her family the news of Benjamin’s birth, he could not resist saying that the two baby boys, though cousins in actuality, were really very much like twins. For, remarkably, those two first cousins, born 12,000 miles apart, will forever celebrate their birthdays on the same day, just as their mothers had always done.
Authors Brad and Sherry Steiger have collaborated on over 30 books. Their most recent titles are Pet Miracles and Conspiracies and Secret Societies. Their website is www. bradandsherry com

Nineteen Sorcerers Murdered In Java

Villagers in West Java are beheading people they say are sorcerers.
Police are investigating 19 killings of ‘black shamen” but believe many more could have gone unreported in the remote villages of the Indonesian island .
One 70-year-old woman has been hacked to death by a mob after she gave some fish to a sick neighbour who died several weeks later. Villagers claim other people she had been in contact with had either died or fallen ill.
Inspector Widodo, of Cianjur Police Station, say most of the claims of sorcery are false and the murders are in fact the result of political or business rivalries, reports the Straits Times.
While villagers often join in the killings because they believe the claims to be true, most are actually carried out by an organised network of ‘black shamen assassins’.
For IDR1,000,000 (about £75) they will begin a rumour of someone being a sorcerer then, when the village is convinced, carry out the execution.
Anthropologist Anto Ahadiat says villagers are enacting street justice because the country’s political leadership has broken down traditional village structures.
In the past shamen were rarely killed - instead people went to a more powerful one to counteract any spell they thought had been passed on them.
WHAT CAN YOU SAY ABOUT THIS? (write your comments)



My Grandfather’s Funeral

I remember there was this incident when my grandfather passed away. When my grandfather was alive, he would go and live in all of my relatives house. for example, 1 month at my aunt’s house, 1 month at my uncle’s house, then 1 month at my house. When he came over to stay at my house, he was already quite sick. And after a few weeks, he passed away. so my parents and relatives decided to hold the funeral at my void-deck since he passed away while it was his turn living at my place. he passed away peacefully at the hospital.
When the funeral was held at my void-deck, then one night at the beginning of the 7 days funeral (think it was the 2nd or 3rd day), me and my parents went upstairs to our house to rest for awhile before going downstairs again. me and my dad was in the masterbed room, he was telling me stories (i was small at that time), the bedroom door was closed as we had switched on the air-con. Mum was alone in the living room praying. then she told us that as she was praying, she heard footsteps, like someone was walking towards the kitchen. Then the next minute, she heard the cabinet open, and she heard someone making milo - my grandfather loved drinking milo. True enough, me and dad heard the cabinet opening, sudden we thought nothing of it because we thought it was mum.
Towards the end of the 7 days of the funeral, one night me, my dad and mum went upstairs to wash up. Dad and i finished washing up first, so we watched TV while waiting for mum to finish so we could all go downstairs together. then while i was watching TV, there’s this dark shadow of a person just walked pass the TV and flew out of the window. we could see the the shadow because the TV was very bright, and we did not on any other lights. the shape of the shadow looks exactly like my grandfather. I guess he was just saying one last goodbye to us.

My Personal Encounters

1st encounter - I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was lying on my bedroom floor reading a book when a shadow passed over me so I looked up and saw a translucent white and wispy ‘thing’ that flew into my curtain and disappeared. Strange that it could cast a solid shadow though.
2nd encounter - I was alone in the house bathing when there was three consecutive sharp knocks (quite loud) on the bathroom door. As I have just finished bathing, I cleaned myself up quickly and came out to see if my family member(s) had returned. Nobody. I tested on the bathroom door by knocking on it and the sounds were totally the same la~
3rd encounter - I was in the living room with my sis and from the corner of our eyes, something small and white and fast (very fast!) shot past us under the sofa. I shoved away the sofa and there was nothing! But both of us truly saw something went under the sofa..
4th encounter - I was serving NS and during a recce mission on Tekong in the middle of the forest, my team (consisted of 4 people) rested under a tree around 2am+ as we’d been walking for a long time when suddenly, I heard a woman hummed a short tune (something like in the old movie ???? when there was always a short tune when the ghost appeared). The tune was very 3D and surround sound and it clearly came from above in the trees. Shocked, I asked my teammates if they heard it or not and their expressions told me so. My sergeant told me not to talk about it. I whipped out my night-vision goggle and scanned the branches but I didn’t see anything. No more weird happenings after that.
5th encounter - This might be ridiculous to you but I swear it really happened. My bro’s ex-gf came for a sleepover that time and the next morn, she woke up and reached for her comb when she saw that it was entangled with a mass of long and frizzy hair (frizzy as in under intense heat until they were spoil and curly)! Disgusted, she cleared away the hair and left the comb alone. Moments later, she exclaimed to my bro and I that the hair re-appeared! I tried to come up with a logical reason (but it sounded impossible) that there was probably static electricity and it attracted the hair lying around to the comb.

Offshore Island Encounter

Let me tell you all about my real life encounter with one 6 years ago i was working on an offshore island near Singapore i was the tough rough necked type as my work required me to do technical maintenance on ships that night i had worked late with my colleague on board a vessel and we had to stay overnight in the workshop. At around nine plus when i went back to workshop for spares i started hearing some voices speaking in the workshop i didn’t think much about it as i thought i could be hearing wrong. Finally at around 10 plus we had completed the job and proceeded to the rest room in the workshop where we could rest on the sofas. My colleague who was an old hand in the company told me to lock the main door and the back door of the workshop. he insisted that workshop lights be turned off , the rest room which is within the workshop to have its lights turned on.Strangely though after watching TV for sometime he insisted that we should turn in for the night at 11plus. Boy that bastard went to sleep mode damn fast. I did not feel comfortable on the old sofa plus the lights were on so i was in no mood to sleep
At around 12plus i started hearing an the voice of a lady crying outside the rest room in the main workshop. my heart was pumping into overdrive as i knew i had locked all the doors and there was simply no way any body could have got into the workshop. soon i could here some one was kicking all the cardboard boxes that we had on the floor at the workshop. Soon there were footsteps coming closer and closer to the door of the rest room. That thing went into the rest room but i couldn’t see it but i could sure as hell hear it screaming away in a language that sounded like Malay in front of me lying on the sofa. Scared to shit i started scolding that damn thing in all the most colorful hokkien vulgarities. Curiously that damn bitch went silent. As i couldn’t wake up my colleague who was fast asleep on the floor i rushed out of the rest room into the workshop and switched on all the lights. well later on i spent the rest of the night sitting on a low table in the workshop not daring to sleep the whole night of course. the strangest thing was that initially that thing had uttered a language that sounded like Malay to me but as that thing continued to yabber on its language had started to degenerate to what sound to me like rubbish gibberish in other words not a language at all.
My point being that i believe that ghosts are not of human origin but are actually demons and unclean spirits i believe that when u die u either go up or down these demons of not human origin are capable of imitating and mimicking humans and human forms. So it is my strong belief that the so called ghosts are not of any HUMAN or RACIAL origin.
The next day following the incident i interrogated my bastard colleague and he told me that he was well aware of that thing’s existence it liked to come in to the rest room to sit on a chair opposite my sofa. He told me i would have seen it if the rest room lights were not on, he explained to me that with lights off i would see the figure of that thing. He also told me that he had not bothered about it although he had seen or felt it many times during his few occasional overnight stays due to overtime work.Later on i confirmed with another colleague that strange things had been going on in the restroom he had his shoulder tapped before in the room when all alone. Soon afterward i turned to Christianity and good lord saved me from the trauma that i suffered.

Lady At Ang Mo Kio

I have never ’see’ a ghost before but there was one time, when i was still young in primary school days I went out for movie with mum and brother and i was like not happy (forgot reason liaoz) and walking very slowly behind them. I was walking with head low and then walked passed this path, suddenly ‘glanced’ got a bench, with a lady wearing white sitting on it….(knew it was a lady because cos long hair)
After walked pass the place, I suddenly looked up because i have been walking that path for years and didn’t know there is a bench there then I turned my head back and saw nothing!! From that second onwards, when i in bad mood, i will always try to walk in front already! That happened when I was around primary 3 or 4 and was in ANG MO KIO.
Another story from my good friend. She was staying high floor, and also in Ang Mo Kio. Opposite her unit, there’s this empty unit, which she always can see one or two hands ‘hanging’ at the window panes of that empty unit. some times even wave to her (she stayed there since young so confirm + chop that the unit is empty) At first she was very scared but after some time, she felt ok already and I remembered every time i went to her house, i will sure stand there to look for it but always cannot see. den she told me, “Ai ya, you cannot see it one la…. only me and my mother can see.”
That’s all for now, will share more next time!

Infamous Ghost Stories

When I was studying in Singapore Poly and there was plenty of infamous ghost stories. Singapore Poly is one of the oldest Polys around. I was in 1 of the main academic clubs and always had a lot of after school activities such as orientation camps and overnighters, events etc.
For those of you who used to study in Singapore Poly, you might know that the poly had skipped some Blocks numbering. There’s a T11 (pre-war era building) located behind Student Affairs Center, T12 (newly built), T14 (existing block) all but no T13 (another pre-war era building). It was said that the T13 building was used by the Japanese during the occupation and its too “dirty” when the school took over the campus, so they have to demolish it. In place of T13 is now the Tennis Courts.
Other haunted areas in the SP are the infamous “Red Bridge” linking T21 & T22, someone got post the story on that before in KT (search for it). MLT2 also is considered “dirty” which was rumored to have had a student committed suicide inside which was also recently pulled down. The old workshops W6, W7, W9 & W10 which used to housed the mechanical engineering workshops are also said to be haunted as well which are also demolished to make way for the new T11 & T12 facing Dover MRT. The basement area of T14 & T15 which houses the Chinese Orchestra Club and SP band also used to be very dark and not well lit also said to be haunted. Lastly, another pre-war building located on the hill which houses the SP teacher’s childcare center located at Carpark E is also “dirty”.

Spooky Incident Temasek Poly

This event happened during my orientation camp in Temasek Polytechnic in the year 1999. That night, 2 camp leaders went on a patrol around our camp area. The both of them is equipped with walkies-talkies. When they are patrolling, they saw a small boy running in front of them. They chased after the boy until the School of Engineering. They kept on chasing and shouted to ask him to stop, but the kid just ignore them. When they climbed up the stairs, the boy was playing hide and seek with them. They chased after the boy until the end of the engineering block. The boy just vanished.
They informed the security guards with their walkies that they found a boy running around the campus in the middle of the night. The guards came with a guard dog and met them at their location. The whole place was empty but the dog keeps barking fiercely at ONE particular corner. Feeling something not right, they left the area, pretending nothing happened.

ITE Tampines Is Haunted

Tampines ITE actually consider one of the Oldest ITE. Well from what heard, the block 3 [electronics block] was haunted, and i did experienced before, when that time i was on my way to the girls toilet at level 3, suddenly from the mirror[ cos the mirror was facing the door] so is like from the mirror u can see outside, guess what i saw, a little girl… in my school…looking at me. Was bit shocked, then i thought I’m just tired or something, but the thing is, I’m not the only one saw it, the other student saw the girl on the staircase….
And at night right, cos last time i used to had my tennis training at Tuesday and normally it ends at 8+pm, so other then my CCA, there’s floor ball & Taekwondo those two CCA was held at block one,then is like on our way back home, cos the back door was locked after 4pm, so we had to walk to block 1 to the main entrance, then i told my friend about this thing one night,[we was in between block 3 & 4) then suddenly the light that above us blinking & blinking non-stop, and we are the only 3 girls at there, quite scary actually lol…
And heard from the SC students that IT block, which is block 5, is to be say haunted too, I don’t know is it the same thing…

Rules To Avoid Spirits

I talked once with a friend’s uncle who is a Taoist priest and he advised me about the rules for avoiding in contact with spiritual beings. Here they are,
1) Dont bring bell during the 7th month2) Dont look into mirror at night.3) Dont tell ghost story at any time of the day during the 7th month.4) Dont wear red underwear and bra..
When the lift open for you by itself when you reached it, say thank you after entering and after pressing the number you wanna go. Wait for the lift to close by itself. Cause they are entering and leaving. They wait for you and so you must wait for them..
At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is not facing the door. Cause dead people go out of the door head first.. It is also said that if the top of your head face the door when you sleep, the soul catcher can catch your soul when passing.
At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is facing the wall. Think is because if not you will see a ghost standing there looking down at you..
Don’t open umbrella indoor or anyway not under the sun.. Indoor can open side way. Cause when you open normal indoor, the ghost can get into your unbralla and leave the place with you..
Don’t look into the mirror at night. It is to said that you can see people looking back at you if you stare too long in the mirror at night.
If you drop your chopstick on the ground, must remember to said sorry before picking them up. It is to say that the noise make from dropping the chopstick will disturb them. So you must say sorry to them before picking them up..
When buying Gu Tong, remember to check clearly the background of the item before buying them as most of them contain a soul and nearly all of them happened to be evil. (Don’t know why)

My Spooky Incident

There is an incident that happened to my when I was younger. There was once I was alone in the room (with lights on not so scary) I was reading some ghost stories on some website, at about 12am-1am I can’t remember. everyone was asleep already.
Then all of a suddenly I felt someone or something like a hand or anything gently (very gentle, not stroking or anything so don’t think of anything else) touch my thigh, and of cause shocked and out of natural reaction i just back off from the desk. i look down but found nothing. under my desk there’s only a few boxes and plastic bags. Then I thought its insect or whatever…
So i thought i was really tired cause i had a long day then decided to wash up and go to bed. Then just as i was about to step out of the house, the cooking utensil in the kitchen just drop, very loud caused my mom hangs all of it on the walls above the stink to that it can dry easily. Feeling bit uneasy, i still walked to the stink and took a look, 2 dropped.
I thought it was just the wind blowing but i know I’m lying to myself cause there wasn’t even wind. So after putting back the utensils i went to on the light for the bathroom, just after taking a few steps, the toothbrushes hanging in the bathroom also dropped! (i know because i can know tell that kind of sound, as it had drop a few times) you know those toothbrushes holder that can hold quite a few brushes, so i guessed the suction wasn’t very good. Lan lan, still have to put the toothbrush holder back to place, but while washing my face i felt really really uneasy, out of no reason i just shouted, “CB LAH, don’t PLAY LAH” to whoever or whatever and went straight to bed. Nothing much happened after that or the next day…i guess I’m not afraid that much was because there are god statuses in my house and i once heard people say if you’re fierce or shout back, they wouldn’t play with u liao…


I would like to share a recent experience of mine. This incident happened during last year’s 7th month. I can’t remember exactly when was it, but it was about the middle of the 7th month when weird things started happening to the TV in my mother’s room.
There was a few nights when I was watching some drama in my mother’s room and the TV suddenly either automatically switched to another channel, got switched off or the volume was suddenly adjusted to the maximum. this would happen at least twice in an hour while we were watching TV. And there was one time when my mother woke up in the night and went to the toilet, and after she came out, she found that the TV was switched on (she had already switched the TV off before sleeping).
It only happened only on those few days, the TV is now perfectly alright. We didn’t have it repaired or anything.So what do u guys think? Is it pure coincidence or something is actually “playing” with the TV?



Experts Unearth Srebrenica Bodies In Ghost Village

Forensic experts said on Tuesday they have unearthed about 1,000 skeletal remains of Bosnian victims of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre in a mass grave.
Documents recovered from the grave in this village dubbed “Death Valley” showed the victims were from Srebrenica, forensic experts said.
The eastern enclave was under United Nations protection when it was overrun by Bosnian Serb forces near the end of the 1992-95 war.
“Almost 90 percent of all remains had traces of bullet shots and some victims were blindfolded with rope-tied hands,” said Vedo Tuco, standing on the edge of a muddy grave where white-clad forensic pathologists marked and cleaned up bones.
Experts had hoped to complete the exhumations Wednesday but say the work which started two months ago will finish next week.
Tuco said some of the remains were of 14-to-15-year-old boys. The victims were killed at three locations near Srebrenica and transferred to the village of Kamenica from the original graves three months after the execution, he added.
More than 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed in Srebrenica. Bosnian Serb General Ratko Mladic, indicted on genocide charges for the atrocity, is still on the run.
Bosnian Serbs first buried the bodies near the execution sites but then dug out many of them with bulldozers and reburied them in “secondary” mass graves in an attempt to hide the crime.
“There is a complete chaos in this mass grave. Some of the remains that we found here will probably be re-associated with the bodies that we had exhumed from other mass graves discovered in this village,” Tuco said.
There are 12 mass graves in a strip of land about 7-km (four miles) long, located beside the sole road in this remote and almost deserted village, mainly on Muslim land. Mass graves unearthed earlier yielded around 3,000 body parts.
“They probably thought that nobody would ever return here and discover the crime,” Tuco said. He said another mass grave has been located in the village but digging will likely start in the spring because of bad winter weather.
About 5,800 victims of Europe’s worst atrocity since World War Two have been identified through DNA analysis but they can be reburied only after 70 percent of the bodily remains have been identified.
“The identification of the bodies we found here will probably take a long time because they are so dismembered and in bad shape,” Tuco said.
“It is therefore very important to dig out even the smallest body parts.”
Camila Mehmedovic, 61, a rare villager who returned to Kamenica after the war, mowed grass for her sheep from a nearby field before she learned there was a mass grave below.
“If I knew it would be like this, I would have never returned,” she said.
“Wherever I go the bones are being dug out and I cannot escape a smell of decaying bodies. This really is a Death Valley.”
As it hunts for ghosts, NBC Universal’s Sci Fi Channel is scaring up larger numbers of female viewers.
“Ghost Hunters,” now in its fourth year on Sci Fi, is helping the male-skewing network achieve its goal of balancing its demographics.
As a genre, science fiction tends to attract more males than females. That’s reflected in the audience for Sci Fi Channel, which is about 56% male. Sci Fi’s most heralded show, “Battlestar Galactica,” attracts an audience that is 65% male and 35% female.
Since most of television skews toward female viewership, the handful of networks that attract a greater proportion of men—ESPN and History, for example—try to take advantage of their unique audience to sell ads to marketers in categories looking to reach males, such as financial services, insurance and video games.
But Sci Fi, a top-10 cable network trying to shake the perception of its fans being Trekkies who live in their parents’ basements, opted instead to reach out to female viewers.
“We have that debate every year with the advertising team,” said Dave Howe, president of the Sci Fi Channel. The network came to the conclusion that it wanted the largest total number of adult viewers, and decided to work toward a 50-50 split between men and women.
“We see this as the way to maximize your revenue,” he said.
“Most of the dollars out there are chasing either women or adults,” said Carrie Drinkwater, senior VP and director of national broadcasting at media buyer MPG.
Mr. Howe said the network maintains critical mass with both males and females. But, he added, “Companies in the pharmaceutical and packaged-goods industries have chosen to advertise on the network because of what ‘Ghost Hunters’ is doing.”
In its fourth year, “Ghost Hunters’” viewership is up 31% from a year ago, and that audience is 56% female.
“The reality programming is absolutely driving their female numbers,” said Nicole Romanik, VP and account director for national broadcast at Initiative. And even though it’s a male-skewing network, it’s already got nearly as many female viewers during prime time as VH1 and HGTV, she noted.
“That’s not exactly what you’d expect,” Ms. Romanik said.
Not all of Sci Fi’s attempts to appeal to female viewers have resulted in successful shows for the networks.
Reality shows, for example, tend to skew female. And women tend to have an interest in the paranormal. But when Sci Fi aired a show called “Psychic at Large,” it attracted women, as one would expect, but it drew practically no men, so it was a failure.
What Sci Fi learned from that effort was that while women tend to believe in the paranormal and the afterlife, men need such subject matter to at least attempt to provide some sort of scientific testing to appeal to their rational side.
So when the “Ghost Hunters” use gadgets and gizmos to try to document the presence of spirits, that “gives it credibility from a male point of view,” Mr. Howe said.
Sci Fi has been adding more shows to its schedule in the paranormal genre that attract female viewers, including “Ghost Hunters International” and “Destination Truth.” It also ordered new series “Ghost Hunters: College Edition” and “RelicQuest.”
It’s important that the shows fit into the network’s lineup, Mr. Howe said. Through scheduling and promotion, Sci Fi hopes its new female viewers will watch other shows on the networks.
“We’re not interested in any islands in the schedule,” Mr. Howe said.
Despite the influx of new shows and female viewers, Sci Fi will retain its geek chic.
“I think the Trekkies of the world are always going to watch Sci Fi,” Ms. Romanik said.

Visits From The Deceased

Carlos Sluzki’s cat died a while ago now, but he still sometimes visits. Now more of a shadow cat, the former pet seems to lurk at the edges of Sluzki’s vision, as a misinterpreted movement amid the everyday chaos of domestic life. All the same, the shadow cat is beginning to slink away and Sluzki notes that as the grief fades his erstwhile friend is “erasing himself from the world of the present and receding into the bittersweet world of the memories of the loved ones.”
The dead stay with us, that much is clear. They remain in our hearts and minds, of course, but for many people they also linger in our senses—as sights, sounds, smells, touches or presences. Grief hallucinations are a normal reaction to bereavement but are rarely discussed, because people fear they might be considered insane or mentally destabilised by their loss. As a society we tend to associate hallucinations with things like drugs and mental illness, but we now know that hallucinations are common in sober healthy people and that they are more likely during times of stress.
A Common HallucinationMourning seems to be a time when hallucinations are particularly common, to the point where feeling the presence of the deceased is the norm rather than the exception. One study, by the researcher Agneta Grimby at the University of Goteborg, found that over 80 percent of elderly people experience hallucinations associated with their dead partner one month after bereavement, as if their perception had yet to catch up with the knowledge of their beloved’s passing. As a marker of how vivid such visions can seem, almost a third of the people reported that they spoke in response to their experiences. In other words, these weren’t just peripheral illusions: they could evoke the very essence of the deceased.
Occasionally, these hallucinations are heart-rending. A 2002 case report by German researchers described how a middle aged woman, grieving her daughter’s death from a heroin overdose, regularly saw the young girl and sometimes heard her say “Mamma, Mamma!” and “It’s so cold.” Thankfully, these distressing experiences tend to be rare, and most people who experience hallucinations during bereavement find them comforting, as if they were re-connecting with something of the positive from the person’s life. Perhaps this reconnecting is reflected in the fact that the intensity of grief has been found to predict the number of pleasant hallucinations, as has the happiness of the marriage to the person who passed away.
There are hints that the type of grief hallucinations might also differ across cultures. Anthropologists have told us a great deal about how the ceremonies, beliefs and the social rituals of death differ greatly across the world, but we have few clues about how these different approaches affect how people experience the dead after they have gone. Carlos Sluzki, the owner of the shadow cat and a cross-cultural researcher at George Mason University, suggests that in cultures of non-European origin the distinction between “in here” and “out there” experiences is less strictly defined, and so grief hallucinations may not be considered so personally worrying. In a recent article, he discussed the case of an elderly Hispanic lady who was frequently “visited” by two of her children who died in adulthood and were a comforting and valued part of her social network. Other case reports have suggested that such hallucinations may be looked on more favorably among the Hopi Indians, or the Mu Ghayeb people from Oman, but little systematic work has been done.
And there, our knowledge ends. Despite the fact that hallucinations are one of the most common reactions to loss, they have barely been investigated and we know little more about them. Like sorrow itself, we seem a little uncomfortable with it, unwilling to broach the subject and preferring to dwell on the practicalities—the “call me if I can do anything,” the “let’s take your mind off it,” the “are you looking after yourself?”
Only a minority of people reading this article are likely to experience grief without re-experiencing the dead. We often fall back on the cultural catch all of the “ghost” while the reality is, in many ways, more profound. Our perception is so tuned to their presence that when they are not there to fill that gap, we unconsciously try to mold the world into what we have lived with for so long and so badly long for. Even reality is no match for our love.

Ghost Stories Alive And Well In Opelika

The ladies walked into the tavern. They were wearing the finest of Victorian wear for the time. They were joined a few moments later by a gentleman friend.
They talked, commented on the fashions of others there. I don’t think they were fond of what was worn by some of the ladies present that night.
They laughed.
After a short time, the gentleman glanced at his watch, as remembering he had another engagement near. Then, in a few minutes, he left saying “He must catch the train.” Just a moment after he departed, the horn sounded as a train sped through downtown Opelika on its way north. It was December a few years ago. But not one 120 years ago, it was just two years ago. You might encounter these Victorian friends again in the next few weeks. Well, maybe, if you see ghosts.
Opelika isn’t the only city with stories of ghost in old buildings. Several owners of shops on Railroad Avenue can tell you of lights cut off at night, only to be found on in the morning. I’ve seen the shadow of a shop owner’s wife pass in the dimly lit store, only to discover she’s not working that day and isn’t in the shop. I would have bet $100 that she was hiding behind the wall. Then the story of the bartender that hears glasses being pushed off shelves, only to walk to the bar and find no one there to do the deed. Or me hearing the footsteps from above the ceiling, then learning that the second floor was empty of life.
So now, how do I explain that someone saw the ghost? There are people that see ghosts you know. I know we normally bring out stories of ghosts or spirits each Halloween, but this appearance at the time of the Victorian Front Porch tour seemed worthy of mention again. And who is the person who saw this Victorian trio? Not some crazed lunatic, but a responsible working member of the community. I was at Eighth and Rail that night friend Beth Witten and her husband Steve, and she asked the question, “Did you see that?” For it was Beth that saw (and felt) the ladies brush past her. And in just another moment, another figure of the gentleman, who joined the ladies.
I thought it was interesting that this sighting was during the time of the Victorian Front Porch Tour in Opelika that year. Does this mean that other spirits come out for this holiday celebration?
Well, I would offer this up for thought. If you walk the Victorian Front Porch Tour and see a couple down the street, but as you turn back, they are no longer there, you may have seen a ghost of Christmas Past. Now if you come upon the gentleman with the British accent and younger Victorian wife, it’s probably just George Purves and wife Debbie. They’re not ghosts. Happy Holidays folks, see you next year.

Leave Him Alone

This story happens in the hostel of the school. Joe, someone I met in an archery competition, once stayed at the hostel. This is the story he heard and later relayed to us.
The hostel was of three (not very sure) storeys high and there are rooms being occupied by male students of all ages. Some of the older boys can be a bully at times to the younger boys. One of the older boys learnt his lesson one day when he met something not so pleasant as he was trying to bully a younger student.
It was past midnight, Min was at his friend’s room on the second floor for a chit chat. Before long, he realised how late it was and asked wish his friends good night as he leave to go back to his own room. It was a hot night with occasional breeze. The whole place is quiet with exception of the familiar sound of insects outside the building. It was just another usual weeknight when many tend to go to bed earlier.
Min was walking slowly towards the room on the ground floor. As he was getting towards the first floor, he saw a boy sitting down at the end of the staircase. Min did not recall seeing that boy around before. Maybe it’s just one of those studious students who never mix around with them. He looks much younger than Min himself.
The boy had his arms on his knees with his face buried on his arms. From behind, he looked as if he is sleeping. As Min got near, he can’t help but to disturb the boy.
“Hey boy! What are you doing here? Crying? Oh, cry baby! If you want to cry, go to your room and cry. Or go to your Mummy and cry. Don’t sit down here and block my way!”
The boy ignored him and just stayed still. Min was annoyed because the boy doesn’t seem to be scared of him, who is very much bigger in size and in age. So, he got nearer to that boy and gave him a slight kick on his legs. “Come on! Get lost!”
Then the boy sat up straight and slowly turned his face towards Min. As he turned around, Min could see that the boy has got no face. There’s just a plain piece of skin without a mouth, nose or eyes.
Min was motionless for a moment. He stared straight on the boy’s featureless face. He doesn’t know what to do for once. He wanted to scream but the voice never came out. His mind gone blank.
Then the boy started to move again. He was trying to stand up. Suddenly Min started running away. Before he knew it, the boy was chasing behind! He ran as fast as possible while kept looking back. All these while, he could see that boy chasing behind. He got into his room, slam his door real hard and rush into his bed. He quickly covered himself up with the blanket and shivering with fear. He was still in a shock and stayed under his blanket praying.
Then he heard someone opening the door and walked a few steps in. Then the door was shut. Min was petrified but dare not get up and see who it was. He could sense the person walk straight up to his bed and stand right next to the bed. His fear got the better of him and he may have fainted there and then. The next thing he knew was it was morning already and he was sweating under his blanket because of the heat. He realised he was not in his pyjamas and recalled what had happened the night before. He told his friends and since then, never dare walking back to his room late at night when everyone’s off to bed.

Mystery Kid

The school has a big field which is quite suitable for archery competition. They have been host for several archery competitions on the past years.
Not long ago, John, the storyteller, was there for an archery competition with his three other team-mates. Most archers were put in the hostel for accommodation by the organisers. They, too, were living there with the rest for several nights.
On that occasion, John and Azmin were sharing one room while their two other team-mates shared another room. On the first night they were there, John left Azmin alone in the room and went over to the other room to chat with his other team-mates. Azmin decided not to follow but went to bed early as he was tired.
The three guys were talking in the next room when they heard Azmin started scolding someone. They could hear Azmin was really angry to the extent that he was actually yelling. Apparently, Azmin was furious over a kid who disturbed him while he was trying to sleep. When they came out to check on Azmin, they saw Azmin rushed out of the room, with a clothes hangar in his hand, and ran down the corridor as if he was chasing someone or something and trying to hit it with the hanger. When he got back to his room, the surprised friends asked him what was he up to.
Azmin said, “That stupid boy came into my room and started pulling my blanket away from me. I scolded him and told him to get lost. But he came back and started pulling my blanket again. I was really annoyed. I got out of bed and told him to go away. He just stood there and laughed. So, I grab this clothes hanger on the table next to me and I started chasing him. I wonder where did he go as I lost him suddenly round the corner there.”
The friends felt strange and told him that they didn’t see anyone, besides Azmin himself, when he was running down the corridor.
V.I. is a very old school and most of the buildings are very old. Most of them were built in the pre-war years and some have unique, if not weird, architecture. The old hall is one such building.
It is not a very big hall and the whole place can be very dark without the lights on. Inside, it looks as if the hall is oval shaped. There are only two small doors on the corners at the end of the hall. Hence, it is not very convenient for huge crowd. Since the hall has not been in use for a long time, most school students have never been into the hall.
One day, curiosity drove two boys to sneak into the building. As they step into the hall, they felt an unusual coldness. It seems that the air is trap in the hall and the heat outside has no effect upon the temperature inside this old building.
They walked around exploring the hall to find nothing much interesting inside. Then, as they were standing in the middle of the hall looking up towards the ceiling, they heard a whooping sound coming from behind them. They turned around and saw a patchy thing which looks like a boomerang. It was green in colour and the thing was rotating. As it rotated, it got bigger and bigger. Then it slowly moved towards them. Out of fear, they started running towards the door but when they start running, they both went in different directions.
As the hall was dark they could not find the door. They kept running around the oval looking hall with the things still chasing them behind. Apparently, the green thing has split into two and was chasing both of them, who were running in different direction.
One of the boys claimed that his friend wasn’t actually running with him, but floating above the ground and always stays right beside him while kept smiling at him. As he was running, the thing continued to chase after him but it never seems to get to him at all. Exactly the same thing happened to the other boy who was running in the opposite direction.
Perhaps there are two ghosts involved here and they both take the form of the boys. However, what is the green thing, nobody would figure out.
The weirdest thing is that they never bum into each other as they kept circulating into the hall. They started shouting for help. Suddenly, someone opened the door and light up the hall. Then the green thing disappeared and the ‘friend’ was gone.

The Mirror

Many people have the opinion that ghost does not appear on mirror because they don’t have a reflection. And this, according to certain people, is due to the fact that ghost has no soul. However, some would argue that ghosts are merely souls without their solid form.
In my opinion, as long as the ghost appears solid, i.e., if they are not transparent, they should have a reflection on the mirror. Nevertheless, to a group of students, the argument of ghost having reflections on the mirror is not an important issue at all.
I have to point out that the following account may have happened in the school toilet itself although the initial impression I got was that it happened in the hostel toilet. Hence, in the story, I will assume that it happens in the hostel.
A lot of students claimed they have seen their reflections on the mirror becoming ‘alive’. Everybody knows that when you turn right, your reflection on the mirror would turn left, and vice-versa. Nevertheless, the mirrors in this hostel would do otherwise. That is, if you turn right, the reflection, as if alive, would turn right as well. Many students and teachers experience that phenomenon but when they realised something was not right, everything would be back to normal. According to them, this phenomenon only happens when you are not looking exactly at the mirror and are not paying attention on it.
You may argue that it is mere psychological effects and that’s what those who had experienced it thought so too, until they came together and realised that so many others experience the same thing.
Although this is not scary, the mirrors, or perhaps the ghosts, have another trick that would set their victims screaming and crying in fear.
One early morning, everyone was awoken by a loud scream of a girl. According to the girl, she bent down near to the sink to wash her face. When she stood up straight and looked into the mirror, she saw what made her screamed out in fear. She claimed that those drops of water on her face appeared as drops on blood. She thought it was her blood at that moment and yelled out loud. She rushed back to her room and told her roommate. Her friend convinced her it was only water but not blood.
By then, everyone has rushed out of their room and gathered around outside the girl’s room trying to find out what had happened. One of them later told the housemaster about the incident. The housemaster said there is nothing he could do. However, he did not rule out the story of that girl as ridiculous and, in fact, he advised the residents not to go to the toilets alone. Later he told some students that the incident was unexplainable as it has happened many times in the past. According to him, it is better to leave the “thing” alone as any action may cause the incident to repeat itself even more often.


Along the fence of the school, there is a roll of nice trees. I was told that during World War II, the Japanese army used to hang prisoners’ head on those trees. During the war, the most common method of execution was to chop off one’s head. To warn the people so that they will not go against them, the Japanese army would hang the heads of executed prisoners’ on trees. Since the school was used as a Japanese station and for their prisoners, added to the fact that the trees were by the roadside, it became the best spot to serve that purpose.
The school has a guardhouse just off that roll of trees, where the gate is. There will be at least one policeman on duty there every night. The reason why the police was involved in such kind of duty, instead of just an ordinary guard, was not known to me.
One night, one of the policemen was on duty as usual at that guardhouse. Ahmad (name changed) has been attending duties at the guardhouse for countless number of times but he has not encountered any kind of the extraordinary.
On that fateful night, it seems to be just another quiet, warm night that he has to go through. He was listening to the radio while trying to keep himself awake just in case his superior come and check on him. At about 3 am, the inspector indeed appears. Ahmad felt a great sense of relief he did not fall asleep for that may caused him some sort of punishment.
He got off his chair and stood at the doorsteps waiting for the inspector to get near. He then saluted to him and said, “Good morning, sir!” The inspector saluted in return and greeted him back.
There was a long pause then. The inspector, with his hand still up and staring at Ahmad, just kept quiet for a while. Ahmad was starting to feel uncomfortable. Ahmad was about to open his mouth and asked if the inspector’s all right. Before any words could come out, the inspector’s head suddenly broke off from his body and dropped to the ground. Ahmad saw the head on the ground with its eyes still wide opened and the inspector still standing firm on its two feet.
Ahmad got really frightened and ran away at the next moment. He got home in a fright and was sick for several days. Then later, he tried to tell his colleagues what had happened but they were reluctant to believe him, though they did not dismiss his story completely either. The main reason they did not want to believe the story was that the said inspector was still seen in the police station as usual everyday.
The incident did not hinder Ahmad from continuing his duties as usual. Nevertheless, whenever he was on duty in the guardhouse, he would be wary of any noises around.
To his horror, the same inspector appears again one night several months later. He started to get panic the moment he saw the inspector walking towards the guardhouse from his car. He got out of the guardhouse and stood firmly. He felt like running away that precise moment but he told himself to be brave and stay on to see what will happen next. He was ready to run away once anything unusual happen. He can’t bear to see the inspector’s head on the ground with those wide-opened eyes anymore.
When the inspector got to the guardhouse, he greeted Ahmad first. Ahmad was speechless. He fear if he were to salute to him, the inspector’s head might fall off again. So, he just kept quiet and stared at the inspector. Waiting for him to response, the inspector also stood there quietly staring at him.
Ahmad thought, “Oh! Oh! The silence! Maybe this is the moment to run away.”
Just before he could move his feet and run, the inspector spoke and asked if he was all right. The inspector said he looked pale and sick. Then, Ahmad feeling confused that the inspector have spoken, started to wonder if the inspector was the same ‘inspector’ who visited him before.
Instead of answering the inspector, he put up his guts and started poking the inspector’s body to see if he is human. The felt the solid form of a human body but he was not convince yet. So, he pushed the inspector’s head instead — to see if the head would fall off.
Well, the head did not fall off to the ground but the inspector was very furious by then. He yelled at Ahmad condemning him for disrespect.
“What do you think you are doing? First of all, you never even greet your superior as he comes in. Then you started poking him with your fingers!” Ahmad was later punished for disrespect to a superior.
When the story was told to me by an ex-student of the school, a policeman from the same squad as Ahmad was presence. He overheard over story and interrupted to confirm that the story was true and Ahmad was never placed on duty in that guardhouse again after that incident.
According to Lee, this story has some connection to those ‘nice trees’ along the fence of the school. A lot of people, especially those working in the guardhouse through the nights have claimed to have seen figures on the trees, some without heads.
Badminton Hall

Georgetown (Penang, Malaysia) is a very old city. Most of the buildings downtown are build before World War II and many, especially the school buildings were often used as the station for Japanese soldiers. Many of these buildings are used as a prisons and execution centre, too.
This school, commonly known as CIS, is an all-girls school. It is one of the oldest schools in Malaysia. It was used as a prison by the Japanese during the war. Inside one of the classrooms, there were carvings of British prisoners’ name on the wall. The school also houses the first residence of Sir Francis Light, the founder of Penang.
Although the school building has been declared a heritage area, some old buildings are of no value and they were excluded from the heritage building list. One of such building was the canteen. The old canteen was declared unsafe and hence was torn down and a new school canteen with a badminton hall above it was subsequently built.
The badminton hall has two entrances — one on each end of the hall. However, only the door on the left end of the hall is usually open. The other side has a locker-cum-changing room and hence the exit was not open for privacy reasons. Before one gets into the locker room, one has to go through a door, and then there is a small passageway, with a surau (small mosque) on the left. There is another door before one can get to the lockers and changing area. Then there is the staircase and another door, which is usually locked, as mentioned above.
Some years back, I used to play badminton in that hall on weekends. Personally, I have not seen a ghost or hear anything out of the ordinary. My brother, who was there with me every weekend, once said he saw a man waving at him from one of the classroom nearby. The school has many ghost stories but most of them, like what my brother experienced, are merely sightings of a ghost, feeling of a presence or hearing of voices. However, there is one particular sighting which is probably the scariest ghost sightings I have ever come across. This story is told to me by the canteen caretaker who is also in charge of the badminton courts as well as my friends who were once students in that school themselves.
One morning, a group of students were having their regular physical exercise session in the badminton hall. At the end of the session, all the girls went to the locker room to change. All of them left together and went back to their classroom after that.
About an hour later, one of the girls realised that she had lost her purse. She thought she must have left it in the changing area in the hall. Hence, she decided to go back to the locker room and look for it. She got permission from the teacher and set off for the badminton hall. When she got there, there’s no longer anybody there. Being a badminton hall with dark curtains, the hall seems pretty dark without lights on.
She switched on the lights and walked straight to the other end of the hall to where the locker room is. When she got to the door that leads to the small passageway, she found that the door was locked. Nobody could have locked the door unless there’s someone inside. Since there was no more class in the hall, obviously someone was having some hanky-panky business inside the locker room. Eager to get her purse back and curious what her schoolmates might be up to behind that door, she peeped through the small window on the door.
She couldn’t see anyone but suddenly, out of the changing area, she saw a figure floating into the small passageway. It was kind of transparent but yet seems solid. Then the girl noticed something she could not want to believe. The floating object became clearer and clearer and she noticed that it was a headless woman.
Being someone who doesn’t believe in ghost, she refused to believe what she saw and decided to take a closer look through the window again. Again she saw the same figure. This time, it became clearer and she could see a woman in a Malay costume floating about half a metre above the ground without a head.
The girl got so frightened that she rushed out of the hall immediately. She ran to the canteen caretaker and told her what she just saw. The canteen caretaker said she dare not go up there and investigate but she said she believed the girl’s story as she was crying and she was completely pale due to the shock. The teacher later called her parents to take her home.


CREEPY VIDEO: Ghost Apparitions Videos

The Oxford Parnormal Society presents this footage that we add to our collection of ghost apparitions videos.

It is footage from an investigation that reveals the existents of something lurking in the back.

The footage appears quite authentic and convincing.

Take a look and see what you think.


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CREEPY VIDEO: Malaysia Ghost Research Video

Wow. This video is awesome.

I found it on YouTube and it was created by Malaysia Ghost Research.

We spotted a ghost using a fixed cam in a hunted building.

What do you guys think it is?


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(Warning: It should be done with a professional supervision)

Find out what you really need to know in order to be a true ghost hunter. The list consists of 25 statements that all ghost hunters should take to heart. The CODE will protect you from harm and guide you on your quest. Commit it to memory and it will serve you well.
What you really need to know...

1.Let them (ghosts & spirits) know they are not forgotten Let your journey in this field of study be a labor of love. Remember to be respectful of ghosts & sprits, as they were once people, and still are for that matter.

2.Never tease, threaten or dare an unseen entityFirst of all, we want to be taken seriously. Secondly, we are ghost hunters, not bullies. Lastly, we sure don't want any vindictive entities following us home or worse yet, attacking and hurting us.

3.Conduct yourself as a professional at all timesWe always want to present ourselves as one in control. And that of course means around other investigators, victims of a haunting, and even to the ghosts themselves. Self-confidence and control will radiate like a beacon of light and thus serve as a shield of protection.

4.Never seek out entities on your ownA team of two works well and three is the ideal number. Larger groups will need to break up into smaller groups.

5.Addicting habits can be contradictory to your ghostly pursuits Examples would be heavy addictions to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, an abnormal sex drive, etc. These things in excess make you vulnerable and susceptible to attack. The attack stems from the entities attraction to your addictions and also because of your weakness. Mind altering substances are particularly enticing to them.

6.Pay attention to your dreams Entities will use this relaxed state of mind & body to try and influence or torment it's targeted victim. Use whatever wording is necessary (according to your own spiritual beliefs) to command such an intrusion to cease. Command it in the holy name of your God or higher power.

7.Use religious relics & symbols as a protectionBut only use these if you believe in what they can do. It's not the item itself that has the power, it's what it symbolizes according to your faith. That's what actually gives it its power.

8.Listen to your instincts and your intuitionDraw from the power within. You will find this to be your greatest resource.

9.Never leave a team member behind, not ever Commit yourself to the task at hand until it's done. A combined effort makes the team a whole intricate working structure.

10.Always consider all aspects of a haunting Go into an investigation with a kind heart and gracious attitude. But know that most hauntings can be explained. i.e. house settling, furnace noises etc. And as sad as it is, you must also consider the mental & emotional state of the victim as well. Paranoia, delusional aspects and mental illness in general may be a consideration. As a final note; it should also be stated however, that in some cases, an unstable person can actually be open to these types of visitors and or attacks.

11.Always remember, you are the one in control You have the body and thus you have the power. It's really simple, you are in your element. This is your dimension and your reality. Unseen entities are intruders into your space. That is, unless they are invited in or find a way in through your weaknesses. Be strong by curving appetites and living a productive & wholesome life.

12.Be familiar with all aspects of the supernaturalKnow well the entities you pursue. Understand them and the things of their world. Knowledge is power. The more you know, the more confident you become. Be careful though, not all knowledge is good. Acquire it with a scientific standpoint.
13.Your best protection is in the life you leadIf you are active in ghostly pursuits then evil will cross your path, so be armed. If you are religious, then live your religion. But whether you are or not, you best protection is to live so as to put others first. Good deeds and a love for all life is your greatest protection.

14.Don't be afraid to experimentNot everything you try will work. If one attempt or theory fails, keep trying. Simply move on to the next thing on your list. And by all means, have a list.

15.Do your homeworkConsider all aspects of an investigation before you go. A preliminary walk through ahead of time is advised. Doing a history check is helpful as well. Anything you can find out ahead of time will be to your advantage.

16.Never be without outside contact Make sure others outside your team are aware of where you are when on an assignment or investigation. A cell phone is a must.

17.Demonic PossessionIt's extremely rare that you will ever hear of a full-fledged demonic possession. But it is something that all ghost hunters need to be aware of and briefed on. Full-possession requires an "invitation" in order to gain a foothold. However, there are activities that can be construed as an invitation. i.e. Ouija boards, séances, etc. A person with heavy addictions, sins, depression or someone who is desperately lonely are more apt to be targets. When any type of invitation is construed, whether implied or direct, it may very well be acted upon by such evil entities. Even with all that, it's still rare that evil will triumph successfully, but it is possible in some cases. Ghost hunters are somewhat susceptible because of the nature of their work.
18.Lower Level EntitiesThere are other less severe life forms that we need to be aware of as well. They are evil and are here to weaken the population through their influence. Their ultimate goal is to distract us from our life duties and make us as unproductive as possible. These creatures are subtle but very much determined. People that allow themselves to be heavily influenced in this direction are also more prone to demonic possession. This type of entity uses distraction through such things as computers, video games, unwholesome activities, etc. If you miss out on important family outings or you lose your job because you want to stay home and play video games, etc, then they have gained some control. It's called, lower level possession. Ghost hunters need to avoid this trap at all cost. Refer to codes 5, 6, 11 & 13. And for a good resource, buy a book on Psychic Self-Defense.

19.Be scientifically mindedStrive to prove the existence of ghosts and the afterlife. We as Ghost Hunters cannot simply rely on the word of someone with a particular gift. We need to know for ourselves and we need to document it in our studies.

20.Rely on your sensesBe ever mindful of your own awareness. We are all born with the gift of inspiration. We also have a bell (so to speak) that sounds off when we are in danger. It's a gift that needs to be focused on. Constantly pay attention to this special ability that we all have. Especially when on an investigation. As you become more aware and in tune, you will be able to better sense ghosts & other types of entities.

21.Evidence is everythingAll we really have to show for our hard word is the evidence we collect. So take notes, write up reports, snap pictures, collect EVPs. Keep a log.

22.Be aware that theories changeWhat is believed to be true today may not be tomorrow. If there's anything we can depend on, it's change. What we may know about ghosts today may change tomorrow. We need to embrace credible evidence and use that knowledge to our advantage. So be willing to let go of old theories when need be. If we don't, we will be left behind.

23.Expect ResultsGo into every assignment with an attitude of well defined purpose. Go knowing you have your preliminary research accomplished beforehand and then have a plan to make it all come together. A good investigator is organized and thorough. The right attitude yields results!

24.It's okay to be afraidThat is, as long as it doesn't seriously effect the investigation or make you especially vulnerable.Excessive fear will make you ineffective as a contributing team member and will make you a target for entities. Excessive fear or anger feeds and empowers curtain types of entities. Enjoy the thrill of the chase and scream if you must. But everything in moderation.

25.LIVE THE CODE !It will protect you on your journey and guide you on your quest. Ghost hunting will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life... enjoy!

The code will eventually be re-written for a book with each statement fully elaborated on in detail. But for now, we are sharing the initial code here for viewers to benefit from. The book is already in the works. If you would like to share a gem or relevant story pertaining to the code, please do so. It may very well be presented in the book.
Send it to: jim.webmaster@gmail.com

= Jim Eaton


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