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My Grandfather’s Funeral

I remember there was this incident when my grandfather passed away. When my grandfather was alive, he would go and live in all of my relatives house. for example, 1 month at my aunt’s house, 1 month at my uncle’s house, then 1 month at my house. When he came over to stay at my house, he was already quite sick. And after a few weeks, he passed away. so my parents and relatives decided to hold the funeral at my void-deck since he passed away while it was his turn living at my place. he passed away peacefully at the hospital.
When the funeral was held at my void-deck, then one night at the beginning of the 7 days funeral (think it was the 2nd or 3rd day), me and my parents went upstairs to our house to rest for awhile before going downstairs again. me and my dad was in the masterbed room, he was telling me stories (i was small at that time), the bedroom door was closed as we had switched on the air-con. Mum was alone in the living room praying. then she told us that as she was praying, she heard footsteps, like someone was walking towards the kitchen. Then the next minute, she heard the cabinet open, and she heard someone making milo - my grandfather loved drinking milo. True enough, me and dad heard the cabinet opening, sudden we thought nothing of it because we thought it was mum.
Towards the end of the 7 days of the funeral, one night me, my dad and mum went upstairs to wash up. Dad and i finished washing up first, so we watched TV while waiting for mum to finish so we could all go downstairs together. then while i was watching TV, there’s this dark shadow of a person just walked pass the TV and flew out of the window. we could see the the shadow because the TV was very bright, and we did not on any other lights. the shape of the shadow looks exactly like my grandfather. I guess he was just saying one last goodbye to us.

My Personal Encounters

1st encounter - I was around 7 or 8 years old. I was lying on my bedroom floor reading a book when a shadow passed over me so I looked up and saw a translucent white and wispy ‘thing’ that flew into my curtain and disappeared. Strange that it could cast a solid shadow though.
2nd encounter - I was alone in the house bathing when there was three consecutive sharp knocks (quite loud) on the bathroom door. As I have just finished bathing, I cleaned myself up quickly and came out to see if my family member(s) had returned. Nobody. I tested on the bathroom door by knocking on it and the sounds were totally the same la~
3rd encounter - I was in the living room with my sis and from the corner of our eyes, something small and white and fast (very fast!) shot past us under the sofa. I shoved away the sofa and there was nothing! But both of us truly saw something went under the sofa..
4th encounter - I was serving NS and during a recce mission on Tekong in the middle of the forest, my team (consisted of 4 people) rested under a tree around 2am+ as we’d been walking for a long time when suddenly, I heard a woman hummed a short tune (something like in the old movie ???? when there was always a short tune when the ghost appeared). The tune was very 3D and surround sound and it clearly came from above in the trees. Shocked, I asked my teammates if they heard it or not and their expressions told me so. My sergeant told me not to talk about it. I whipped out my night-vision goggle and scanned the branches but I didn’t see anything. No more weird happenings after that.
5th encounter - This might be ridiculous to you but I swear it really happened. My bro’s ex-gf came for a sleepover that time and the next morn, she woke up and reached for her comb when she saw that it was entangled with a mass of long and frizzy hair (frizzy as in under intense heat until they were spoil and curly)! Disgusted, she cleared away the hair and left the comb alone. Moments later, she exclaimed to my bro and I that the hair re-appeared! I tried to come up with a logical reason (but it sounded impossible) that there was probably static electricity and it attracted the hair lying around to the comb.

Offshore Island Encounter

Let me tell you all about my real life encounter with one 6 years ago i was working on an offshore island near Singapore i was the tough rough necked type as my work required me to do technical maintenance on ships that night i had worked late with my colleague on board a vessel and we had to stay overnight in the workshop. At around nine plus when i went back to workshop for spares i started hearing some voices speaking in the workshop i didn’t think much about it as i thought i could be hearing wrong. Finally at around 10 plus we had completed the job and proceeded to the rest room in the workshop where we could rest on the sofas. My colleague who was an old hand in the company told me to lock the main door and the back door of the workshop. he insisted that workshop lights be turned off , the rest room which is within the workshop to have its lights turned on.Strangely though after watching TV for sometime he insisted that we should turn in for the night at 11plus. Boy that bastard went to sleep mode damn fast. I did not feel comfortable on the old sofa plus the lights were on so i was in no mood to sleep
At around 12plus i started hearing an the voice of a lady crying outside the rest room in the main workshop. my heart was pumping into overdrive as i knew i had locked all the doors and there was simply no way any body could have got into the workshop. soon i could here some one was kicking all the cardboard boxes that we had on the floor at the workshop. Soon there were footsteps coming closer and closer to the door of the rest room. That thing went into the rest room but i couldn’t see it but i could sure as hell hear it screaming away in a language that sounded like Malay in front of me lying on the sofa. Scared to shit i started scolding that damn thing in all the most colorful hokkien vulgarities. Curiously that damn bitch went silent. As i couldn’t wake up my colleague who was fast asleep on the floor i rushed out of the rest room into the workshop and switched on all the lights. well later on i spent the rest of the night sitting on a low table in the workshop not daring to sleep the whole night of course. the strangest thing was that initially that thing had uttered a language that sounded like Malay to me but as that thing continued to yabber on its language had started to degenerate to what sound to me like rubbish gibberish in other words not a language at all.
My point being that i believe that ghosts are not of human origin but are actually demons and unclean spirits i believe that when u die u either go up or down these demons of not human origin are capable of imitating and mimicking humans and human forms. So it is my strong belief that the so called ghosts are not of any HUMAN or RACIAL origin.
The next day following the incident i interrogated my bastard colleague and he told me that he was well aware of that thing’s existence it liked to come in to the rest room to sit on a chair opposite my sofa. He told me i would have seen it if the rest room lights were not on, he explained to me that with lights off i would see the figure of that thing. He also told me that he had not bothered about it although he had seen or felt it many times during his few occasional overnight stays due to overtime work.Later on i confirmed with another colleague that strange things had been going on in the restroom he had his shoulder tapped before in the room when all alone. Soon afterward i turned to Christianity and good lord saved me from the trauma that i suffered.

Lady At Ang Mo Kio

I have never ’see’ a ghost before but there was one time, when i was still young in primary school days I went out for movie with mum and brother and i was like not happy (forgot reason liaoz) and walking very slowly behind them. I was walking with head low and then walked passed this path, suddenly ‘glanced’ got a bench, with a lady wearing white sitting on it….(knew it was a lady because cos long hair)
After walked pass the place, I suddenly looked up because i have been walking that path for years and didn’t know there is a bench there then I turned my head back and saw nothing!! From that second onwards, when i in bad mood, i will always try to walk in front already! That happened when I was around primary 3 or 4 and was in ANG MO KIO.
Another story from my good friend. She was staying high floor, and also in Ang Mo Kio. Opposite her unit, there’s this empty unit, which she always can see one or two hands ‘hanging’ at the window panes of that empty unit. some times even wave to her (she stayed there since young so confirm + chop that the unit is empty) At first she was very scared but after some time, she felt ok already and I remembered every time i went to her house, i will sure stand there to look for it but always cannot see. den she told me, “Ai ya, you cannot see it one la…. only me and my mother can see.”
That’s all for now, will share more next time!

Infamous Ghost Stories

When I was studying in Singapore Poly and there was plenty of infamous ghost stories. Singapore Poly is one of the oldest Polys around. I was in 1 of the main academic clubs and always had a lot of after school activities such as orientation camps and overnighters, events etc.
For those of you who used to study in Singapore Poly, you might know that the poly had skipped some Blocks numbering. There’s a T11 (pre-war era building) located behind Student Affairs Center, T12 (newly built), T14 (existing block) all but no T13 (another pre-war era building). It was said that the T13 building was used by the Japanese during the occupation and its too “dirty” when the school took over the campus, so they have to demolish it. In place of T13 is now the Tennis Courts.
Other haunted areas in the SP are the infamous “Red Bridge” linking T21 & T22, someone got post the story on that before in KT (search for it). MLT2 also is considered “dirty” which was rumored to have had a student committed suicide inside which was also recently pulled down. The old workshops W6, W7, W9 & W10 which used to housed the mechanical engineering workshops are also said to be haunted as well which are also demolished to make way for the new T11 & T12 facing Dover MRT. The basement area of T14 & T15 which houses the Chinese Orchestra Club and SP band also used to be very dark and not well lit also said to be haunted. Lastly, another pre-war building located on the hill which houses the SP teacher’s childcare center located at Carpark E is also “dirty”.

Spooky Incident Temasek Poly

This event happened during my orientation camp in Temasek Polytechnic in the year 1999. That night, 2 camp leaders went on a patrol around our camp area. The both of them is equipped with walkies-talkies. When they are patrolling, they saw a small boy running in front of them. They chased after the boy until the School of Engineering. They kept on chasing and shouted to ask him to stop, but the kid just ignore them. When they climbed up the stairs, the boy was playing hide and seek with them. They chased after the boy until the end of the engineering block. The boy just vanished.
They informed the security guards with their walkies that they found a boy running around the campus in the middle of the night. The guards came with a guard dog and met them at their location. The whole place was empty but the dog keeps barking fiercely at ONE particular corner. Feeling something not right, they left the area, pretending nothing happened.

ITE Tampines Is Haunted

Tampines ITE actually consider one of the Oldest ITE. Well from what heard, the block 3 [electronics block] was haunted, and i did experienced before, when that time i was on my way to the girls toilet at level 3, suddenly from the mirror[ cos the mirror was facing the door] so is like from the mirror u can see outside, guess what i saw, a little girl… in my school…looking at me. Was bit shocked, then i thought I’m just tired or something, but the thing is, I’m not the only one saw it, the other student saw the girl on the staircase….
And at night right, cos last time i used to had my tennis training at Tuesday and normally it ends at 8+pm, so other then my CCA, there’s floor ball & Taekwondo those two CCA was held at block one,then is like on our way back home, cos the back door was locked after 4pm, so we had to walk to block 1 to the main entrance, then i told my friend about this thing one night,[we was in between block 3 & 4) then suddenly the light that above us blinking & blinking non-stop, and we are the only 3 girls at there, quite scary actually lol…
And heard from the SC students that IT block, which is block 5, is to be say haunted too, I don’t know is it the same thing…

Rules To Avoid Spirits

I talked once with a friend’s uncle who is a Taoist priest and he advised me about the rules for avoiding in contact with spiritual beings. Here they are,
1) Dont bring bell during the 7th month2) Dont look into mirror at night.3) Dont tell ghost story at any time of the day during the 7th month.4) Dont wear red underwear and bra..
When the lift open for you by itself when you reached it, say thank you after entering and after pressing the number you wanna go. Wait for the lift to close by itself. Cause they are entering and leaving. They wait for you and so you must wait for them..
At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is not facing the door. Cause dead people go out of the door head first.. It is also said that if the top of your head face the door when you sleep, the soul catcher can catch your soul when passing.
At night when you sleep, make sure the top of your head is facing the wall. Think is because if not you will see a ghost standing there looking down at you..
Don’t open umbrella indoor or anyway not under the sun.. Indoor can open side way. Cause when you open normal indoor, the ghost can get into your unbralla and leave the place with you..
Don’t look into the mirror at night. It is to said that you can see people looking back at you if you stare too long in the mirror at night.
If you drop your chopstick on the ground, must remember to said sorry before picking them up. It is to say that the noise make from dropping the chopstick will disturb them. So you must say sorry to them before picking them up..
When buying Gu Tong, remember to check clearly the background of the item before buying them as most of them contain a soul and nearly all of them happened to be evil. (Don’t know why)

My Spooky Incident

There is an incident that happened to my when I was younger. There was once I was alone in the room (with lights on not so scary) I was reading some ghost stories on some website, at about 12am-1am I can’t remember. everyone was asleep already.
Then all of a suddenly I felt someone or something like a hand or anything gently (very gentle, not stroking or anything so don’t think of anything else) touch my thigh, and of cause shocked and out of natural reaction i just back off from the desk. i look down but found nothing. under my desk there’s only a few boxes and plastic bags. Then I thought its insect or whatever…
So i thought i was really tired cause i had a long day then decided to wash up and go to bed. Then just as i was about to step out of the house, the cooking utensil in the kitchen just drop, very loud caused my mom hangs all of it on the walls above the stink to that it can dry easily. Feeling bit uneasy, i still walked to the stink and took a look, 2 dropped.
I thought it was just the wind blowing but i know I’m lying to myself cause there wasn’t even wind. So after putting back the utensils i went to on the light for the bathroom, just after taking a few steps, the toothbrushes hanging in the bathroom also dropped! (i know because i can know tell that kind of sound, as it had drop a few times) you know those toothbrushes holder that can hold quite a few brushes, so i guessed the suction wasn’t very good. Lan lan, still have to put the toothbrush holder back to place, but while washing my face i felt really really uneasy, out of no reason i just shouted, “CB LAH, don’t PLAY LAH” to whoever or whatever and went straight to bed. Nothing much happened after that or the next day…i guess I’m not afraid that much was because there are god statuses in my house and i once heard people say if you’re fierce or shout back, they wouldn’t play with u liao…


I would like to share a recent experience of mine. This incident happened during last year’s 7th month. I can’t remember exactly when was it, but it was about the middle of the 7th month when weird things started happening to the TV in my mother’s room.
There was a few nights when I was watching some drama in my mother’s room and the TV suddenly either automatically switched to another channel, got switched off or the volume was suddenly adjusted to the maximum. this would happen at least twice in an hour while we were watching TV. And there was one time when my mother woke up in the night and went to the toilet, and after she came out, she found that the TV was switched on (she had already switched the TV off before sleeping).
It only happened only on those few days, the TV is now perfectly alright. We didn’t have it repaired or anything.So what do u guys think? Is it pure coincidence or something is actually “playing” with the TV?

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